How Long Does a Christmas Tree Last?

A genuine evergreen tree will undoubtedly transform your holiday decorations into something magical, festive, and fragrant, but it’s no secret that a freshly cut pine tree won’t last forever. If you’re investing in a live Christmas tree as opposed to an artificial Christmas tree, you’ll need to be prepared and ready to take care of it. You’ll also need to know what to do when it’s eventually time to get rid of it. But first, we have to address the question, how long does a Christmas tree last?

The answer might seem unfortunate to some and perfect for others: four weeks. That is, four weeks if you take good care of it! Christmas trees can thrive for about a month when properly watered and taken care of. However, they can also last as little as a week if they aren’t looked after, as they can dry out and lose their needles.

How to Pick the Right Natural Christmas Tree

Before you start trying to figure out how to keep your tree alive, make sure it’s not already on its way out when you buy it. There are a few factors you’ll want to consider when buying a tree, especially if you’re someone who likes to buy their tree immediately following Thanksgiving.

  • Ask when the tree you want to purchase was cut. While there are many locations where you can select a tree to be freshly cut, or you can choose a tree that has been pre-cut. Verify that the tree you want wasn’t cut a week ago; every day that the tree has been waiting to be taken home is another day cut from its life span. Eckert’s offers freshly pre-cut trees as well as cut-your-own trees at its Belleville Farm location.
  • Check to make sure that the tree is healthy. You can identify a few simple traits to see if the tree is in good condition: you want the tree to have soft outer branches, even color across its needles, a fresh scent and smooth bark.
  • Opt for good weather when choosing a tree. Evergreen trees will do great in cold weather, but they’re more susceptible to damage from rain and snow once cut. A clear and cold day is the perfect time to choose your tree.

How to Keep a Christmas Tree Alive

While no Christmas tree will last forever after being taken from the ground, there are ways to prolong your tree’s life and keep it healthy throughout the holidays.

When it comes to Christmas tree watering, make sure to choose the right pot for your tree. A metal, plastic or concrete reservoir-style tree stand will greatly increase your tree’s chances of staying fresh-looking for longer. Fill it with a quart of cool tap water for each inch of stem as soon as you bring it home. You’ll want to monitor your reservoir’s water level daily, just like taking care of any other plant. The bottom 2 inches of trunk should always be submerged. Keeping the tree cool and out of direct sunlight will also increase its lifespan.

Eventually, you’ll need to remove your Christmas tree from your house. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of it while you have it – with some simple caretaking, you can keep your tree healthy (and your home festive) all month long.


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