You can almost smell Christmas.

Available through Dec 22

Start a holiday tradition that will be remembered by you and your family for a lifetime. Experience the magic and wonder of our evergreen forest at Eckert's Farm in Belleville while you search for this year's Christmas tree. And keep in mind, not only are you helping to support the local economy, you’re also choosing a more environmentally friendly option than an artificial tree. Plus, we conveniently supply the saws and sleighs.

Great Supply of Pre-Cut Trees, but get here soon for the best selection!

Balsam 6-7’  $75
Balsam 7-8’  $90
Balsam 8-9’  $120
Balsam 9-10’ $165
Balsam 10-11′ $215

Fraser 3-4’   $50
Fraser 6-7’    $85
Fraser 7-8’    $100
Fraser 10-11’ $250

Scotch 6-7’   $65
Scotch 7-8’   $75
Scotch 8-9′ $85
White 6-10’  $85

Price for Cut-Your-Own Trees (White Pine Only) $65

How to cut and care for Christmas trees.

Once you find your perfect tree, you’ll want to cut as low as possible. Don’t push or pull on the tree to prevent splintering. When you get your tree home, cut about an inch off the the trunk and then place it in room-temperature water. About one quart for every inch in diameter. It is not necessary to add anything else to the water.

Sustainable Growing Methods

Sustainability in agriculture means meeting the food needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same.

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