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Closed for the Season.

Belleville Cider Shed

Some in-cider information.

Plans for two new attractions to the Belleville farm: the Cider Shed Tasting Room & Pavilion and the Cider Donut & Custard Shop were recently announced. Located between the Country Store and Country Restaurant at the Belleville Farm, the multi-million dollar project will provide space for a beer garden, concerts, private events, and more and offer new reasons to visit Eckert’s Farm in Belleville year-round. Construction has currently begun with plans to open late May.

Chris Eckert, president, and CEO of Eckert’s Farms states, “This is the biggest project that we have taken on since the Country Store and Restaurant was built in 2010. We feel that it will transform our Belleville facility keeping it relevant and exciting for future generations of Eckert’s guests.”

After the successful launch of a hard cider line last spring, the Cider Shed Tasting Room & Pavilion will be a gathering place for guests to experience Eckert’s cider products as well as other beers and seasonal cocktails. The existing Custard Shop will be converted into the Cider Shed’s 3,500 square foot indoor space with a bar and dining room, which will be connected to a new covered, outdoor pavilion area. The pavilion, with a capacity for 400 people, will serve as a beer garden space for the farm with an outdoor bar and a large stage at the east end for summer concerts and fall entertainment. The Cider Shed Tasting Room & Pavilion will also be available to be rented for private events from corporate gatherings to weddings to showers and birthday gatherings.

Additionally, the Eckert’s team will be converting the existing Cooking Classroom, which is connected to the Country Store, to a new Frozen Custard & Cider Donut Shop for families. This new location will allow guests easy accessibility to walk-up to a service counter inside of the shop. The Eckert’s team has plans to offer new sundaes and sweets, utilizing the farm’s produce and baked goods, as well as offering the fall favorite of cider donuts year-round.

“We have over 750,000 guests visit our farm every year, and we see the potential of these new spaces to drive even more guests to consider Eckert’s for a day or evening out with friends or family,” says Eckert. “Whether it’s grabbing drinks with friends for happy hour or stopping by with your family for custard on a summer evening, we’re excited to offer even more reasons to visit our Belleville farm year-round.”

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A crispy apple cider should come as no surprise from a family farm known for its apples and we can hardly wait for you to try it and adore it.


Well Red

If you’re into sweeter ciders, then check out our strawberry-apple cider that we’ll soon have on tap. We promise it will be delicious. Did we mention we know the strawberry growers?


Peach and Quiet

Our peach cider is packed with delicious peach flavor and is sure to be a hit with people on hot summer days. We feel refreshed just thinking about it.


Berried Alive

For those craving tart, we promise our blackberry cider will deliver. Pro tip, garnish it with some fresh blackberries you can pick right here on the farm.

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