How to Fluff a Christmas Tree

These days, an artificial Christmas tree can pass as a real tree quite well. With needles designed to look and feel like the real thing and extendable branches that are placed just right, no one will be able to tell that your tree isn’t the real deal – although some people do prefer the look (and the wonderful scent) of real Christmas trees.

If you can’t have a real Christmas tree due to an issue such as allergies, you’ll need to fluff your artificial tree to get the branches folded out properly and to have the needles stand up correctly. Whether you’ve just picked up your new tree or you’re taking it out of its box for the first time in a year, fluffing a tree is an important step when setting it up. If you want to learn how to fluff a tree, just follow these steps:

  1. Be Prepared: While fluffing a tree might not require much in the way of tools or equipment, it’s still important to be prepared when fluffing your tree. The bristles of the tree can feel sharp, and your hands can feel sore after working with the tree for a while, so having gloves and a long-sleeved shirt is a great first step when getting ready to fluff your tree. A step ladder is also a great piece of equipment to have to make sure that you can reach the highest branches and fluff your tree with ease.
  2. Shape Your Tree: Before you start fluffing your tree, you’ll want to set it up! Start from the bottom of the tree, placing each layer where it needs to go, and spread out the branches as you build upwards. This is much easier to do as you’re assembling the tree rather than afterwards, as spreading the branches will oftentimes require you to reach deep into the branches. This can prove difficult if there are layers above or below where you need to work. Take each branch of the tree and spread out all of the fonds so that they’re reaching outwards at an angle.
  3. Fluff From the Inside Out: Now that your tree has been assembled, it’s time to start fluffing! This is most easily achieved by reaching into the inner layers of the branches and working your way out. With your gloves on, reach through the branches and grip the fonds, slowly ruffling them back and forth to have the needles stick out further. You can slide your gloved hands against each fond back and forth to easily achieve this. Again, make sure to work from the bottom branches upwards to ensure that you don’t miss anything. Take advantage of a step stool whenever possible, as reaching the higher branches can sometimes be difficult and uncomfortable.
  4. Check Your Work: Make sure to check your work when you’re done! Take a step back from the tree and examine it to make sure that it looks even and that you didn’t miss anything. Take some time to work on areas that don’t look perfect and repeat this process until you’re satisfied.

Following these tips, your tree should look fuller and more realistic. Your hard work will pay off when your family and friends see your tree in all its glory. You can even teach them how to fluff their own trees in preparation for the holidays!


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