Apple Smoothie

Crazy!  I think that is the only word that can describe the weather this year.  It’s August and it is already beginning to feel like fall – which is a good thing since apples are ready for picking.  Eckert’s really is one of my kids favorite places to go – when asked what they want to do, Eckert’s always tops the charts.  So of course, we have already been apple picking.  We picked a bunch of honeycrisp apples (my all time favorite) – I just love them for fresh eating, but my kids insisted on making something with them. Most of my apple recipes felt too hearty for August – so we settled on trying an apple smoothie.  Two thumbs up from both girls!

Apple Smoothie

Apple Smoothie
1/2 cup Eckert’s Apple Cider
2 scoops (about 1/4 cup each) Eckert’s Vanilla Custard
1/2 large unpeeled, cored and chopped apple
2 tsp Eckert’s Honey
Blend together in a Bullet. Pour into a glass & enjoy!



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