Types of Apples: The Best Varieties Around


1.     Fuji — Sweet, juicy, crisp and versatile, Fuji apples are a Japanese variety derived from the Red Delicious and Ralls Janet apple varieties. You can identify Fuji apples, which were named after the famous Mt. Fuji, by their bi-colored yellow and red skin.

2.     Red Delicious — These classic red apples are known for their iconic heart shape, bright red coloring and mildly sweet flavoring. Popular in snacking and baking, Red Delicious apples are a staple in fall salads!

3.     Granny Smith — Even though Granny Smith apples are definitely an all-American classic, they actually originated in Australia. These apples feature a harder, green skin with a juicy flesh that’s on the tart end. When you think of green apples, you’re probably thinking about Granny Smiths!

4.     Gala — Named to honor Queen Elizabeth II — who declared the Gala her favorite on a trip to New Zealand, where it originated — the Gala apple is one of the United States’ most popular apple types today. It features pinkish-orange stripes over a yellow background plus a sweet, snappy flavor.

5.     Honeycrisp — Honeycrisp apples were developed by the University of Minnesota. They feature a pale green and red skin with a cream-colored inner flesh featuring a sweet, tart and juicy flavor! Use your farm-fresh Honeycrisps for snacking, baking and salads.

6.     Jonathan — Another surefire favorite, Jonathan apples are medium-sized, sweet apples featuring a bit of acidity. These old apples were planted as early as 1796, and the legend goes that they were named after a boy who frequented the orchard of Rachel Negus Higley, who is credited with growing the first Jonathan apple.

7.     Jonagold — As their name suggests, Jonagold apples are a cross between the crisp Golden Delicious and the sweet Jonathan. They feature a thinner skin and a large size that makes them excellent for eating and cooking!

8.     Golden Delicious — One of the most versatile kinds of apples is the Golden Delicious. This sweet, mellow fruit features a yellow-gold skin and a less pronounced flavor than many other varieties. It’s very popular in baking!

9.     Suncrisp — Apple-pickers adore the Suncrisp apple for its shelf life — it’s one of the longest-staying apples around. Featuring a coarse, juicy flesh and yellow-red skin, these apples are a must for cooking and baking!

10.  Goldrush — Goldrush apples are a relative of the Golden Delicious and have a similarly balanced flavor. They feature a crisp, hard flesh and are beloved by growers because they’re very resistant to disease.

11.  EverCrisp — One of the latest apple varieties is the EverCrisp, which is a fusion between the Honeycrisp and Fuji. Featuring a sweet, juicy and firm flesh, this apple is beloved for its ability to maintain its sweetness and firmness for longer than many other types.

12.  Braeburn — No one knows exactly how Braeburn apples came to be, but we do know that a chance seedling, which eventually became the Braeburn, was found in New Zealand in 1952. The apple is beloved for its all-purpose appeal and its sweet, spicy flavor.

13.  Cameo —, Bright red with streaks of yellow, the Cameo is an American apple thought to be a seedling of the Red Delicious. It has a dense, creamy flesh and a crisp, juicy texture, with flavors of sweetness and tartness.

14.  Pixie Crunch — These apples are small in size but big on flavor! They have a deep red-purple skin with a greenish base. Inside, they’re packed with sweet, juicy flesh that makes them great for eating fresh or in baked goods.

15.  Lodi — The Lodi apple is known for its smooth, yellow skin and sharp flavor. Many people prefer Lodi apples in cooking and baking, especially when making pies, applesauce, apple crisp and cider.


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