Tri-Fecta Weekend: 3 Crops in 3 Days

This is the BIGGEST weekend of Pick-Your-Own at Eckert’s Belleville farm, due to the fact we are celebrating our Tri-Fecta! So why is this weekend so special and deserving of its name. There’s three reasons (go figure):

  1. Loring Peaches, one of our biggest peaches and a long-time customer favorite, will be available for Pick-Your-Own!
  2. We are celebrating our largest blackberry crop in history, and this is the perfect weekend to pick some sweet and plump berries!
  3. For the first time in our history, Eckert’s is advertising Pick-Your-Own tomatoes! Never before have we invited our guests into the tomato field to harvest their own bounty, and we’re not sure we ever will again!

The Tri-Fecta begins tomorrow, July 31st and continues through Monday, August 2nd. We couldn’t have a Tri-Fecta that only lasted two days, right? One thing we can’t anticipate is the crowds the Tri-Fecta will attract, so please check our Harvest Hotline the day you are planning to visit for the most current crop information.

In addition to three crops in three days, we are also celebrating the Tri-Fecta on Facebook. Visit Eckert’s Facebook Page for a chance to win a $30 Eckert’s Gift Card!


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