Redbuds… A Trophy for Your Landscape

Trees are a great way to create memories with your family and friends. You don’t always remember that Uncle Bob gave you a Barbie or Transformer, but the memory of climbing or napping under a tree lasts a lifetime.

Jerry, the Garden Center manager, personally loves redbuds for their bloom and their ease of growth. “This makes redbuds one of the best choices for homeowners who want a small, ornamental tree to brighten up their landscape.” Since redbuds are adapted to our climate, they are one of the few flowering trees that thrive in the wild in southern Illinois.

Redbuds thrive in partial to full sun and need ample water. They generally grow to be 15 feet tall and are just as wide, and are vase shaped with green spade-shaped leaves. Some varieties of redbuds do have varying leaf color. For instance, Forest Pansy redbuds have red leaves, while Silver Cloud redbuds have variegated green and white leaves.

In our opinion, redbuds are under-used in the home landscape, but they are definately not your only option when it comes to a flowering tree. Dogwoods are nice, too. These are white blooming trees that stand 10-12 feet tall and 8-10 feet wide. Dogwoods do need shade or a half day of sun. They like water, but don’t want to stand in it all the time.

Landscaping is an accessory to your home, and trees are the trophy. Why not choose the most beautiful ones that do well in our area? They are sure to give you years of memories and a nice place to call home.


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