Local Love: Fall Visit to the Farm

Photography and Post Courtesy of  Nifty Mom

Photography and Post Courtesy of Nifty Mom

In celebration of the fall season, we asked Samantha King,  blogger at Nifty Mom, to visit our farm and share her family’s fall experience.

As the leaves begin to fall and the crisp fresh air drifts in with autumn, I fill with my family’s schedule with as many fall activities as possible. Each weekend is welcomed with an abundance of smiles, laughter and making memories with loved ones.

A few years ago, with the help of my boys, we created an extensive list of things we hoped to accomplish over the fall season. As a result, we took our favorites and created a Fall Family Bucket List (you can print one here). Our favorite place to start that fall family fun? Eckert’s Farms, of course. After a visit to one of the farms, a good chunk of the bucket list can be marked off.

Eckert’s is a household name with my family. Ever since we started visiting the farms years ago with the boys, we have made countless memories. With every visit, we try to meet up with extended family and/or friends to keep growing our traditions.

Exactly a year ago, we visited the Belleville Farm with our good friends. The kids had a blast spending the day with friends, sharing their love for the farm with them.

This year, with that same family, we visited the Grafton Farm location to kick off the fall season. The look on the kids’ faces when we told them we were headed there with friends was priceless. Their excitement shined through their smiling faces upon arrival.

We have a routine: Apple picking, pumpkin picking, shopping in the country store, getting kettle corn and finish the afternoon out with lots of kids rides and activities.


The crops are always delicious and there really isn’t anything better than enjoying a freshly picked apple from the farm. As we select our favorites for the trees, the kids discuss who all they want to share their apples with and all their recipe ideas from homemade applesauce & baking a variety of desserts.

When we take the tractor to the pumpkin field, the variety is plentiful. There are all different shapes and sizes for decorating, carving, and/or baking. We always let the kids pick their own pumpkin to display as decor on the front porch, to be carved at the end of October.


No matter which location we visit, every trip to Eckert’s turns out to be a fun-filled day to remember. We can be there from open to close, keeping the kids busy, and making the best memories. The family farm makes us feel like family with their friendly staff. I can assure you, Eckert’s is one place that will always be part of our family fall traditions.

Don’t forget to print off your own fall family bucket list here, share it with the kids and head to Eckert’s this week.


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