It’s Apple Season!!!

Apple season is officially underway at the Belleville, Millstadt and Grafton farms! Our Belleville Country Store currently has Honeycrisp available for purchase and all three farms will begin Pick-Your-Own apples tomorrow, August 27th!

Thousands of varieties of apples are on the market today. For over 100 years Eckert’s has been growing both traditional favorites, as well as introducing new and unique varieties. Eckert’s grows nine varieties. These apples can be sweet, tart, smooth, crisp or a combination of these traits. Depending on what you like there is an apple for everyone’s taste!
Below is a list of Eckert’s homegrown apple varieties. Ripening varies due to the temperature, hours of sunlight and rain. Please check the Harvest Hotline to get the most current crop information.
Honeycrisp – ripens late August
This apple is a cross between a Macoun and Honeygold. It is highly popular for its sweetness, and is a great apple for fresh eating, pies and applesauce.
Jonathan – ripens early September
This apple has a sweet-tart flavor with a firm texture and is used mostly for fresh eating and cooking.
Jonagold – ripens in September
A brilliant cross between Jonathan and Golden Delicious, inheriting a sweet and tangy flavor which is excellent for fresh eating and cooking. Also great for fried apples.
Golden Delicious – ripens mid September
This all-purpose apple is known for its firm, white flesh and rich, mild flavor when baked or cooked. The tender skin overwrapping a mellow, sweet flavor makes this an appealing choice for fresh eating.
Red Delicious – ripens mid September
An American classic! Red Delcious has been a favorite for decades. Its beautiful shiny color and broad shape makes it an excellent addition to fresh salads and gift baskets.
Suncrisp – ripens late September
A hard, tart, and long-keeping apple with almost an orange color. Ripens very late in the season, but has a very firm and juicy flesh. This is the best apple for long-term storage.
Fuji – ripens early October
America’s new favorite! This supersweet and crispy apple originates from Japan, but America has now become the leading producer of this apple. Fujis ripen in October, and are great for topping salads and fresh eating.
Granny Smith – ripens in October
This large apple with its beautiful green color is best known for its sour and tart flavor. Ripening in October, its tart flavor contrasts well with sweet caramel and covered with your favorite topping.
GoldRush – ripens late October
A hard, tart apple with a very rich flavor. Golden brozne in color with a long shelf life.
Selecting apples is the same regardless of variety. Look for apples that are free of bruises, with skin that is shiny, not dull, and firm to the touch. Apples should be stored by themselves, since they naturally emit ethylene gas which can cause other fruits and vegetables to quickly turn soft and spoil. Apples soften quickly, 6-10 times faster at room temperature than if refrigerated. Cooler temperatures help main quality, nutrition, juiciness and crispness.


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