Grilled Spring Onion Salad

It is an exciting time on the farm thanks to warmer soil temperatures! Many of our early crops, like spring onions, are finally getting big enough to harvest.
Onion Salad
This week my dad, Lana and I have been brainstorming the menu for our Wine in the Vineyard Classes on June 11th and 12th. We were discussing past recipes including one of my favorites, Grilled Spring Onion Salad. My dad is always skeptical of salads pairing with wines because vinegar based-dressings often overpower the wine.  This salad uses fresh lemon juice and therefore pairs brilliantly with a dry white wine like Sauvignon Blanc.
Since we were able to pick our first spring onions this week and I had this recipe on my mind, Chris and I made it last night. Chris grilled the onions and I prepared the other ingredients. For those of you unfamiliar with spring onions, they are smaller than the typical onions you see in the store. They are mild-flavored and fleshy making them an ideal candidate for the grill. Luckily we had company over last night because sharing this salad always generates compliments for its plate presentation and flavor!
 I hope you will try some Eckert’s Spring Onions this spring! Eat well, Angie


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