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Although this is a recipe blog, I decided to change it up a bit with a few apple crafts this week. With apple season in full swing here at Eckert’s, I didn’t have to look very far for props. Sabina, who often teaches in our cooking classroom, helped me create an assortment of easy-to-recreate decorations for your next party, date-night at home or family dinner.

 DIY Apple Crafts

Apple Crafts #1 and #2

Here we used a cordless drill and two different drill bits to hollow out apples for candle holders. The smallest bit was used to make holes for the flowers but you could also use the pointy end of BBQ skewer. The moisture and sugar in the apple will keep the flowers looking fresh for several hours. The 1/2 “ bit works well for small taper candles and the 1 ½” bit is the perfect size to hollow out apples and mini pumpkins for a votive candle. Don’t forget to “dust” your cut apple edges in Fresh Fruit to stop the browning. Simple and cute, don’t you think?

 crafts3 rev

 Apple Craft #3

Sabine came up with this endearing Gnome family. Who knew cabbage leaves, turnips and apples could make for a playful centerpiece for family dinner night. My kids thought they were adorable! We used toothpicks to anchor the pieces together and cut a few of the rounded edges so that the fruit stacked better. Thanks Sabine-so cute!


crafts 4 rev

 Apple Craft #4

This versatile place card holder can be used in formal and informal settings alike. We cut a little slit in the apple to hold the paper. Then we cut a rectangle out of paper bag for the name. (Note: If you are doing these in advance, you may want to use thicker paper or water proof paper so that the juice from the apple doesn’t bleed into the name.) We used a short piece of raffia around the stem and 4” square of burlap to set it off. This craft can be put together is a matter of minutes and gives a nice vintage feel to the dinner table.


Sabine and I hope you’ll give these apple crafts a try in for your next dinner event.

We’d love to see photos of your apple decorating suggestions. Please share with us on Instagram, facebook or twitter.




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