You can almost taste the history.

At Eckert’s, we are the proud harvesters of delicious, versatile squash perfect for roasting, sautéing and tossing into casseroles. You can even use these veggies to whip up healthy veggie noodles. Rich in a variety of vitamins and nutrients, this particularly versatile vegetable is easy to incorporate into your diet, even if you’ve got picky little ones.

How to pick and store squash.

Although we often associate squash with the fall, their typical season is usually from early July to mid-August. Look for squash that are small, glossy and tender, free of any soft spots or cuts. Beware, though: Squash are fickle and fragile, so make sure to handle them carefully and wear gloves while picking. Store your squash in a cool, dark, dry space.

Sustainable Growing Methods

Sustainability in agriculture means meeting the food needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same.

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