Murder Mystery Dinner – Death of a Blackheart


Eckert’s beautiful new Restaurant will be hosting “Death of a Blackheart” on January 29th. Join us, for a thrilling Murder Mystery Dinner in our restaurant at 6 pm. The show and dinner are sure to delight you!

Welcome aboard the largest, (and safest), cruise liner ever to sail the low seas. That’s right, Welcome aboard the Gigantic! But wait! What do I hear? “Arrgggghhhhhhh!” Avast ye mateys and get yer gizzard ready to be robbed by the most famous pirate ever to pillage a maiden! That’s right! We’re talkin’ Captain Jack Blackheart! He’s the pirate that has cheated more people, emptied more pockets and pillaged more ladies that any politician. Gee, I hope no one kills him off. You’ll meet lots of fun characters at this show. In fact, audience members will get to play lots of fun characters in this show because it’s “chock full” of “Fair Maidens”, “Lost Boys”, “Rival Pirates”, and more. One thing is for sure. If you’ve ever wanted to stand up and shout out Arrgggghhhhhh! Then…Death of a Blackheart is the show for you!

The cost of the show and dinner is $30 per person, and reservations are required. To make reservations please call 618.233.0513 x 3


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