Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening July 6th!


Our family is excited to announce that the construction of the new Country Store is days away from being complete!

One hundred years ago Alvin O. Eckert, my great-grandfather and member of the fourth generation of the Eckert family to farm in St. Clair County, opened A.O. Eckert’s Roadside Market, which was then a simple roadside farm stand. Subsequent generations continued to evolve the family business creating a desitination that millions of families have visited over the years. Today, we represent the sixth and seventh generations of my family to farm in St. Clair County and this project continues that evolution. Eckert’s will continue creating family memories for another 100 years with this new facility.

Most of our guests and friends want to know what we like best about the new 22,000 square foot Country Store. Here’s is some of the most popular answers from fellow Eckert family members and team members:

It sounds simple, I know, but the fact of the matter is this is the first time in our 100 year history that we have bathrooms located inside the Country Store. In fact, the new store houses two family restrooms, in addition to separate restrooms for men and women. No more walking to the Country Restaurant unless you want to eat!

Cooking Class
We have been hosting cooking and wine classes for the past three years. Our new store has a 1200 square foot cooking classroom that allows plenty of space and storage to offer more activities, such as private events, birthday parties, and more frequent classes for kids and adults in general. This space is 100 times better than the makeshift classroom we have been previously assembling in the back of the current store.

We now have more retail space and preparation area so that we are able to carry even more fresh meat, produce and specialty items that our guests have been requesting. Plus, there is more room for our guests to safely manuever around the store to find those products. No more traffic jams in the fall!

Garden Center
The Country Store and Garden Center will be adjoined for the first time since the Garden Center opened in 2001. This is much more convenient for our guests and will limit the amount of walking that is required.

While it is a brand new building, much effort went into emphasizing our farming background and history within the new space. Throughout the facility, guests can enjoy authentic photos, advertisements and labels going back in Eckert’s history several decades. In addition, a hand painted family tree adorns a wall of the new facility, starting with Johann Eckert in 1837 all the way to the Eckert children of the eighth generation.

On behalf of the Eckert family, I would like to personally invite you to see the Country Store during Grand Opening Week. Our Ribbon Cutting ceremony is open to the public and will take place at 10:30 am on Tuesday, July 6th. We are continuing the celebration through July 11th with special offers and give-aways for our guests. We hope to see you and your family soon!

Chris Eckert, President


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